• Step 1

    Book online

  • Step 2

    Include a copy of your passport

  • Step 3

    Include a copy of your graduation certificate (if you are a recent graduate) or a letter from your college (if you have finished your exams and are waiting for your graduation ceremony to take place)

  • Step 4

    Upload all requested documents to your tracking account

  • Step 5

    Contact USIT to book your flights

What happens next?

  • The team will process your application and order your work papers (DS2019 and SEVIS Receipt) from CIEE, your sponsor in the USA.
  • Once your application is approved by CIEE, your work papers will be shipped to USIT Dublin. We will forward these to your home address in a Pre-Departure Pack once you have paid in full.
  • You will then book and attend your interview at the US Embassy in Dublin. The US Embassy will hold your passport for 5-7 business days and then return it and your work visa back to you directly.

Visa approval is at the discretion of the US Embassy. If you are denied a US visa, USIT cannot accept any responsibility and you will not be refunded any fees paid.

The 1 year Graduate visa is your ticket to a once in a lifetime opportunity in the USA!

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Why should I choose the USIT graduate visa?

The US is a melting pot of cultures, ideas and opportunities. USIT's 12 Month USA Work Visa gets you there.

Choose a job from the many vibrant and exciting industries in America. You'll kickstart your career and return to Ireland with a professional edge that puts you ahead of the pack. Enjoy the best of the US while beefing up your CV, making new friends and connecting with invaluable contacts - not to mention making some great memories!

Ideal for recent graduates, USIT's 12 month working visa is your ticket to a once in a lifetime opportunity in the USA. Apply now!