From €2,693

What do I get for my money?

  • Flexible one way flight*
  • Work Auth Documents ( DS 2019 )
  • 12 Months US Sponsor including unlimited FREE site visits if required
  • Sevis Fee – US government tracking fee
  • 24/7 support from CIEE ( US Sponsor )
  • Online orientation from CIEE to prepare you for a life in the US
  • USIT support, including Embassy appointment preparation
  • Access to online neighbourhood guides
  • Participant Handbook
  • Career Guidance from USIT’s dedicated USA Team

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Destination & date of travel will determine flight prices. Add a return ticket for €200 extra depending on destination.

The above price does not include insurance. You can select alternative insurance for the 2017 programme.

USIT insurance is €699 extra if selected

Prices vary according to travel dates / availability and duration and destination

Flights must be purchased through USIT as part of the programme.
If purchasing a one way flight, your insurance must be valid for longer than 12 months duration.

If choosing alternative insurance you must ensure the following:

  • If you choose to book your own insurance please note there is an admin fee of EUR 75
  • The length of your stay in the US will be dependent on the duration of your policy eg if you choose a 12 months insurance policy , you will only be permitted to stay in the US for 12 months , travel will not be permitted either side of your work papers. If you wish to travel 30 days either before or after your visa, you must purchase either a 13 month or 14 month insurance policy.
  • Work paper will not be issued until we have received a copy of your insurance policy ( policy confirmation in your name as well as policy documents )
  • Your insurance should meet the min following criteria :
    • Medical Expenses min cover EUR 3,000,000
    • Personal Accident min cover EUR40,000
    • Repatriation and Medical Evacuation is adequate and provide the insurance within the above medical expenses limit.
  • You cannot purchase multi trip insurance and your insurance must be valid for the entire stay in the USA
  • You must submit the Alternative Insurance Request form to USIT
  • USIT will not take any responsibility for the insurance that you have purchased nor will we be able to intervene should any dispute arise between the participant and the third party provider.


Legally you may enter the USA up to 30 days before your work papers begin and you can also stay in the USA for up to 30 days after your visa expires. If you opt for these extra days either side of your visa, you may book a one-way flight with USIT.

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Proof of Financial Status

For your US Embassy/Consulate interview, you must submit a recent bank statement (within 90 days of your interview date) to confirm that you have access to at least $2,000 (euro equivalent) upon arrival in the US. It must be an original copy with your full name and address on it. Be sure to order this from your bank in advance of your appointment. Legally, participants are also required to be in possession of at least $2,000 when entering the US on the programme. However, you should also consider the cost of living in the city you are travelling to and make sure you have sufficient savings.