America's capital is a vibrant place to live and work, where international politics, business and media converge. Not to mention that famous resident at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, also known as the White House!

In addition to awe-inspiring national monuments - such as the Lincoln Memorial and the National Mall, site of Martin Luther King's "I Have a Dream" speech - Washington DC is a living, breathing American city, with nightlife, art, sports and cuisine to rival any other. The fact that DC is the capital, not of any state, but of the entire USA, makes it a special place to start a career with your USIT graduate visa.

Washington DC is ideal for history buffs, a dynamic place for journalists and the best place to learn the ins and outs of world politics. The museums and cultural institutions, like the Smithsonian and the Kennedy Center, are some of the best in the world. And don't forget its natural beauty: Washington DC sits on the banks of the Potomac River and has many parks, perfect for picnics and people watching. And in DC, you never know who you might see.

Where to Intern

Washington DC is a hotbed of international business, politics, diplomacy and media. If these are your fields of interest, or if you're a culture vulture, foodie or scientist, there's no place better to base yourself while you intern in the USA. Visas can also be put to use pursuing careers in commmunications, law, technology, security and financial services.

Where to Live

It may not technically belong to any state, but Washington DC is home to numerous neighbourhoods and districts. It consists of the District of Columbia combined with parts of neighbouring Maryland and Virginia. An efficient public transport network makes getting around a breeze. Several neighbourhoods in Arlington, Virginia, are popular with young professionals. Check out Georgetown, home to several universities, or H Street, an up-and-coming area. Dupont Circle is a hive of ethnic restaurants and amazing architecture. To browse apartments in these areas, visit, or


Washington DC has a climate typical of the Eastern Seaboard. Expect a mix of cool and pleasant weather in both spring and autumn. Winter can be unpredictable but very cold, so prepare for sub-freezing temperatures and lots of snow. In summer, expect humidity and soaring temperatures.