Types of accomodation

Plan temporary accommodation so you have somewhere to stay when you arrive. Hostels, budget hotels, Air BnB or college accommodation are all good options.

Whether you choose to fly solo, share with a fellow expat or get yourself a few local buddies, you'll find an apartment to suit using our selection of websites below.

Where to find accomodation

Searches by neighborhood, with lots of filtering options.

Apartment listings by state and city; this service also has apps for iPhone and Android devices.

Connects people who are looking for roommates; it’s likely that the roommate will be an American, and this is a great way to enhance cultural exchange.

Mostly offers short-term stays in private apartments, but it also lists monthly rentals.

Facebook can help you find other intern and trainees looking for roommates.

5 top tips for finding accommodation

1. Set a budget: Look at the average compensation for internships in your chosen city and plan your budget accordingly. If you blow all your dough on a slick apartment but you can't afford to eat anything other than beans, you'll have a pretty miserable year, no matter how cool your place is.

2. Network: Use USIT's Linkedin group, Facebook groups and anywhere else you can find online where fellow expats have gathered. They can give you the low down on the local area, provide more tips and even hook you up with ex-landlords who looked after them well.

3. Ask questions: You can feel pressured into taking an apartment quickly in areas where the housing market is super competitive for renters. Don't panic and forget to ask questions. A year is a long time to be stuck in an apartment with no water pressure and a tendency to mould.

4. Prepare for credit checks: Some landlords will want to perform a credit check before they let their place to you. This can be a bit of a stumbling block when you have no credit history in the country, so be prepared to provide proof of earnings and potentially have a relative or family friend do the same to act as your guarantor.

5. Safety first: Make sure the area your prospective pad is in feels safe enough for you to walk home at night. And beware scammers if renting through Craigslist or similar, for example don't give up front cash deposits to private landlords without a contract.

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