From Route 66 To The Empire State

One of the great things about the 1 Year Graduate Visa, Professional Career Training or Internship Programme is the opportunity to travel and broaden your horizons You can get a whole heap of valuable life experience whilst you’re building your work experience. You can go anywhere you like – the only limits are imagination, budget, and the expiration dates of your visa and insurance coverage.

How Your Host Can Help

Most internships encourage travel by being flexible about time off during the programme. Your host organisation also can share recommendations for places to go and things to do; the U.S. has many hidden gems that tourists rarely discover.

When You're Free To Roam

You can travel during or after the programme, as long as you have insurance coverage. Note that the J-1 Visa allows up to 30 additional days for travel after a DS-2019 expires. If you plan to travel after your DS-2019 end date, make sure you let USIT know so we can make sure you have the right insurance.

Travel tips

There are so many things to discover, people to meet, and places to see in the United States! While you’re exploring this great country, please keep safety in mind to make sure your travel experience is the best it can be:

  1. Travel with friends when possible
  2. Plan ahead. Research hotels, hostels, and transportation if traveling for more than one day
  3. Always tell friends and colleagues where you’re going and when you’ll be back
  4. Make sure you have contact information for friends and your host organisation
  5. Take important documents with you
  6. Protect personal property by keeping it in a safe place
  7. Never hitchhike! In addition to being unsafe, it’s illegal in many states.

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More about Culture & Travel

Leaving the US during the programme

Provided you have a valid multiple entry J-1 visa stamped into your passport you may leave and return to the USA as many times as you wish as long as you get your DS-2019 signed before departure or obtain a 'letter of good standing' from CIEE. Please also note that your DS-2019, J-1 visa, and passport must be valid in order to re-enter the U.S. Lastly, make sure it states 'M' under 'Entries' on your J-1 Visa. If it states 'S' or '1,' you will not be able to re-enter the U.S. to finish your trainee programme. You are not permitted to leave and re-enter the USA within your 30-day grace period at the end of your visa. Please check your visa before you depart for the US and be sure to raise any questions on this by emailing

Going to Canada or Mexico

You will have to follow the procedures outlined above as these rules apply to any travel outside the US. Travel to the Tijuana metropolitan area including Rosarito in Mexico is prohibited on this programme. If you travelled to the Tijuana metropolitan area on your J1 you will not be permitted on this programme.

Coming home during the program

You will have to follow the procedures outlined above as these rules apply to any travel outside the US and you will have to do this before your DS-2019 and J1 visa expiry dates. Please note, if you return to Ireland your insurance will not cover you for your stay in Ireland.