Training in Sales

For an international Intern/Trainee with an educational or professional background in sales, an American internship in sales will provide you with valuable international experience and new skills for your future.

Training Plan Guidelines

Sales training tasks that CIEE can accept:

  • Forecasting
  • Budgeting
  • Sales analysis
  • Presentation creation
  • Client presentations under supervision
  • Learning how to pitch sales
  • Learning how to close sales
  • Conducting warm sales calls
  • Client management
  • Order tracking and inventory
  • Learning sales management tools
  • Attending client meetings

Sales training tasks that CIEE cannot accept for any period of time:

  • Commission sales
  • Sales quotas as part of evaluations and/or compensation
  • Cold calls and direct sales
  • Independent representation of Host Organisation on sales calls

Please note that an Intern/Trainee with a training in sales must always be accompanied by a supervisor on off-site sales calls. Overall, sales training must be at a high level so that the Intern/Trainee learns about the sales process rather than simply about making sales.