Irish passport holder

Got yourself a passport last summer for that epic trip to Thailand? Then you're good for this next adventure.

Over 18

If you're old enough to vote, then you can tick the "yes please" box for a US Grad Visa too.

Final year or recent grad?

Final Years can travel anytime after exams. 2018 Graduates must enter the US within 12 months of finishing coursework.

Graduated in 2017?

If you missed the opportunity for the Grad Visa, you may still be eligible for the Trainee USA Visa

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Academic courses in a recognised Irish University or College including Northern Ireland (running at least 2 years) that will ultimately lead to a degree or higher qualification (level 6 major award on Qualifax). If completed a level 6 Major award, then at least 50% of the coursework must be academic.

Masters Students

Masters Graduates must enter within 12 months of handing in dissertation (provided within a reasonable timeframe).

Final year students

Yay! You can start applying for this programme now, you can travel any time AFTER you complete your exams (or coursework if no exam) or before the 31st December 2018 whichever comes first.

Application deadlines

You can apply any time of the year. However, it takes 6-8 weeks to process your application, so plan this time in when you apply, and places are limited.

**The ethos of this programme is to gain experience in your field of study and bring that experience HOME to Ireland at the end of your visa. If you wish to pursue a career in the USA, do not apply for this visa. Participants should not view this programme as an avenue to obtaining a full time or long-term position with an employer**

Free Flight Offer

To avail of the free the flight offer you must travel on or before 31st December 2018*. Graduates from 2018 must ENTER within 12 months of completing your coursework; e.g. if you finished your coursework on the 15th May 2018 , the last day you can travel on this programme is the 14th May 2019.

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