Training in the Sports & Nutrition Industries

Internships in the Sports Medicine/Management & Nutrition industries provide international Interns/Trainees with excellent insight into American business practices that drive these industries.

Training Plan Guidelines

Nutrition training tasks that CIEE can accept:

  • Nutrition business management (budgeting, purchasing, planning)
  • Nutritional menu planning & curriculum creation
  • Organizing health-focused promotions & events
  • Food science research & writing
  • Nutritional information creation and quality assurance for food manufacturers
  • Food product development

Sports Medicine/Management training tasks CIEE can accept:

  • Sports Medicine business management
  • Sports & Fitness laboratory research
  • Fitness and exercise plan creation and curriculum development
  • Sports teams business management

Tasks CIEE cannot accept:

  • Coaching, personal training, or exercise training
  • Nutrition counseling or consulting
  • Physical Therapy
  • Gym reception tasks

Trainings cannot take place on the gym floor or reception desk. CIEE could consider applications for trainings in an office of the gym, if it is separate from the gym floor and the training focuses on approved tasks provided above.

There can be a 2-week observation-only period where the Intern/Trainees can shadow a supervisor providing personal training to clients on the gym floor, with the remainder of the training taking place in an office setting. Intern/Trainees can shadow a supervisor providing nutritional counseling, but this also must be observation-only.