What is it?

The Career Training visa is the ideal solution for those recent Graduates who missed out on the opportunity to take up the Grad Visa programme due to change in eligibility. The Career Visa is open for applications all year round! Provided you meet the eligiblity requirements.

18 month programme

Was €4,699 Now €2,655

What you get for your money

  • Sponsorship in the USA
  • Programme Fee
  • Processing by USIT and CIEE
  • Issuing of your work papers
  • Online Orientation
  • Pre-departure support
  • 24/7 emergency support

*Flights and insurance not included.

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18 month programme

Was €4,699 Now €2,655 Book Now Enquire now

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Cost will be determined by the length of your stay in the US

Duration Was Now
0 - 3 Months €3,367 €2,193
4 Months €3,460 €2,228
5 Months €3,545 €2,255
6 Months €3,634 €2,286
7 Months €3,724 €2,316
8 Months €3,807 €2,343
9 Months €3,896 €2,374
10 Months €3,989 €2,409
11 Months €4,073 €2,435
Duration Was Now
12 Months €4,156 €2,470
13 Months €4,251 €2,497
14 Months €4,340 €2,528
15 Months €4,433 €2,563
16 Months €4,522 €2,594
17 Months €4,610 €2,624
18 Months €4,699 €2,655
19 Months €4,784 €2,682
20 Months €4,872 €3,712

Where our graduates have interned

  • United States District Court
  • Universal
  • Diane Von Furstenberg
  • State Street
  • Shutterstock

Who is eligible?

Recent Grads

Graduates who have at least 1 years full time experience in their field of study since graduation or those with no degree must have 5 years professional experience.

Over 20

If you're old enough to vote, then you can tick the "yes please" box for a US Grad Visa too.

Found your position

You must have a trainee position secure before travelling on this programme.

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About the Visa

Train anywhere from 2 - 18 months in the USA within your field and gain valuable professional experience. Your position must be directly related to your degree and work experience whilst showing a clear progression of skills.

How to find a position?

Contacting companies directly. Be clear that you're not looking for sponsorship (USIT will provide you with this).
Set up a LinkedIn account and actively contact companies through this forum.

Want to know more about the jobs available to graduates?

Read job guidelines

WB Engineers are currently looking for trainees in Electrical Engineering in Boston and New York

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